Simple Energy

  1. Age Requirements:

    • Riders must be a certain age to use the electric scooter. This is often 18 years or older.
  2. License and Certification:

    • Some services may require a valid driver’s license or a special certification to operate an electric scooter.
  3. User Agreement:

    • Users typically need to agree to the terms and conditions of the scooter rental service before using the scooter.
  4. Safety Gear:

    • Riders may be required to wear helmets and other safety gear while using the scooter.
  5. Riding Restrictions:

    • Some areas or streets may be off-limits for electric scooters. Riders may need to adhere to specific routes or paths.
  6. Parking Regulations:

    • There may be guidelines on where and how to park the scooter after use. Improperly parked scooters could result in fines or penalties.
  7. Usage Limits:

    • There may be restrictions on the distance or time for which the scooter can be rented. Overtime charges may apply if the scooter is not returned within the specified time.
  8. Maintenance and Repairs:

    • Users may be responsible for reporting any damage to the scooter and could be held liable for damages caused during their rental period.
  9. Prohibited Activities:

    • Engaging in certain activities, such as carrying passengers, using the scooter for commercial purposes, or violating traffic laws, may be prohibited.
  10. Payment and Fees:

    • Details about rental fees, payment methods, and any additional charges for exceeding time or distance limits.
  11. Liability Waiver:

    • Users may need to acknowledge the inherent risks of riding an electric scooter and sign a liability waiver.
  12. Cancellation Policy:

    • Information on how to cancel a reservation and any associated fees for cancellations.